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I am convinced that we have all received a talent, a skill. Each of us has a natural appetite for something that one likes to do, that one does often and therefore that one can do well. 

So why not make money with it?

We have all acquired, through our experiences, our training or even through the school of life, a precious know-how that we must cherish,  grow and use every day.

By uniting your skills and taking risks that may make you think outside the box, you find new life.

Let me take you to the next level of your entrepreneurship through empowerment to push you to become the best version of yourself.


Investissez en vous meme
developpement personnel entrepreneur

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What will the Entrepreneur Empowerment program do for you?


I bring you more clarity in the visualization of the current global situation. Why do you need a change? We explore the fundamental pillars of your life balance. You will note this initial situation, which we will use as a basis for growth.


Doing business is good, but doing business with passion is better! Let’s introspect your personal and professional world together. Ground yourself in your convictions and develop the confidence to make decisions with confidence.

Fight negative and polluting ideas, learn to make decisions aligned with who you are.


What if you stop drifting? What if you take control of that little voice that drives you to drift? What would your life be like if you could consciously choose what is best for you. Your entrepreneurial brain is like a computer that has been designed with a coding system that requires updates.

I offer you the knowledge I learnt from my years of research all around the world, to make you discover the fundamental concepts of freedom, positivity, profitability, in short, success.

Learn to open up to new ways of thinking. Allow your mind to access new perspectives.


I don’t have time, I’m overwhelmed! The day is already over and you feel like you have done nothing? Lack of productivity can be a real handicap in developing a business.

Learn to build and stick to your schedules. Anticipate your next actions and become proactive.

Know how to surround yourself with competent and trustworthy people and develop your personal and entrepreneurial network.


We have nothing without nothing. The transformation does not take place without effort. Implement your daily routine, but don’t lose sight of your final goal. Set up your actions regularly and keep the final objective in your line of sight.

Entrepreneur Empowerment

Program details and plan

Learn to coach yourself.

PART 1. ANALYZE THE START SITUATION - 2 private sessions

Define your personal and professional life cycle

a. Analysis of your fundamental pillars of personal life

b. Analysis of your fundamental pillars of professional life

– Definition of your pillars of life which constitute your overall balance. (health, business, finance, family, personal development, fun and recreation, friends and social life)

– Analysis and note of the current situation

– Definition of optimizations

– Set up of objectives to be achieved for each pillar

Provision of working document

Homework and Exercises

1 private coaching session of 1h30
1 private coach session of 1h30



Understand the way you operate.

a. Introspection of your personal profile: Who are you?

  • Align who you are with what you do. (Method Ikai)
  • Research and definitions of your centers of interest, your passions, your mission? Your vocation? What is your business about?
  • Test of 16 personalities
  • Discover your enneagram
  • What are your sources of motivation?

b. Introspection of your entrepreneur profile: Which entrepreneur are you?

  • What is the history of your business?
  • What are your qualities as an entrepreneur?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • What is the added value of your business?
  • What difficulties do you face?
  • Provision of working document

Homework and Exercises

2 private coaching sessions of 1h30

Turn your weaknesses into strengths.

a. Work on your fears and your wounds.

  • The 5 wounds that keep you from being the best version of yourself.
  • Your relationship with your ego
  • The 7 human fears: How to manage your fears?

Provision of working document

Homework and excercies
1 private coaching session of 1h30


Open up to new perspectives.

  1. The fundamental concepts
  • Perspectives from point of view.
  • Limiting thoughts
  • The principles of success
  • The 7 principles of freedom
  • The 4 Toltec agreements
  • Concept of personal development linked to quantum physics: Transurfing
  • Development of positivity

It’s all about love

2. Better understand like giving and receiving

  • The 5 languages of love: What is yours?
  • Family, friendly, romantic love.
  • Self-love: self-love.
  • Love vs fears

Use your super powers

3. Wake up and use your superpowers.

  • Energy introduction (chakras, earth elements)
  • Law of Attraction
  • The power of intention
  • The affirmations
  • Visualization
  • Events
  • Breathing

Provision of working document

Homework and Exercises

3 private coaching sessions of 1h30

PART 4. VIEW AND CREATE YOUR FUTURE - 4 private sessions

Be in control of your time

  1. Increase your productivity
  • Understand your body’s circadian and biological cycles
  • Concentration: Adopt the productivity method that suits you best
  • How to quantify labor productivity?
  • Manage your entrepreneurial time

Create your perfect routine

2. Implement your new productivity routine

  • Creation of your personalized routine.
  • Optimization of your days
  • Mind maps
  • Project management management tools.
  • Time management tool
  • Progress analysis

3. Optimize work methodologies

  • Know how to surround yourself with trusted and competent people.
  • Learn to build trust to know how to delegate.
  • Grow your network of technical networking entrepreneur.
  • How and where to recruit? How much does it cost ?

Project yourself into the future

4. Creation of a visualization board

  • Work and production methodology
  • Founding principles and theory
  • Creation of a vision board
  • Practices and manifestation

Provision of working document

Homework and Exercises

4 private coaching sessions of 1h30

Entrepreneurs Testimonials

“Emilie est une personne rigoureuse, experte et efficace. Elle sait allier des enjeux stratégiques de marque long terme et des impératifs de résultats court terme – notamment grâce à sa maîtrise des compétences média. Manager au sein de mes équipes, j’apprécie la profonde qualité humaine d’Emilie et sa capacité à mobiliser et piloter des collaborateurs. Faisant preuve de réelles convictions pour les marques, elle sait argumenter et apporter un conseil utile à nos clients.”

Gautier de Richoufftz,

Founder Hands Agency – Paris, France

Emilie a mis en place pour Zanzibook une stratégie de marketing social, puis nous a conseillé et a rendu attractive notre page Facebook... Mission parfaitement réussie, fans nombreux et heureux !!! Merci

Vanessa Pol

Managing Director of Zanzibook publishing – Rio BRAZIL

Émilie a dressé un bilan précis de notre activité chez Red Is Dancing. Elle a su en tirer une stratégie social media à court et moyen terme d'une intelligence rare. Hâte d'en voir les résultats.

Yohann Ancele

Ideas builder and associate producer at Red is Dancing – New-York USA

“J’ai travaillé avec Emilie au sein de l’agence Native Communications. Elle a toujours fait preuve de professionnalisme et de spontanéité. C’est une personne talentueuse dans son coeur de métier, et avec de belles idées créatives en social media. Très flexible, et se tient toujours disponible pour le moindre conseil. Je recommande vivement !”

Mathilde Moret

Chef de projet chez Native Communications – Lyon, France

“Emilie est une collaboratrice très professionnelle et efficace. Grâce à sa rigueur et ses excellentes idées, nous avons pu gagner et fidéliser un grand client très satisfait de nos prestations. Je recommande !”

Barbara Handschuh Chriqui

Directrice des opérations chez Sterling Cooper Communications – Paris, France

“Emilie gets it done! Her passion for social media strategy is apparent in the skill and speed with which she tackles every project. I had the pleasure of working with her on the Nissan Europe account, where we collaborated on pan-European campaigns and best practices. From channel management to production, Emilie’s ability to step in with key insights ensured content was social ready. Add to that her warm personality, and you’ve got a great teammate – and social expert.”

Krishna Purohit

Content Strategist & Lead Copywriter – Santa Monica, California

“Emilie is a brilliant, young and dynamic entrepreneur. Her range of skills is wide; and always implements strategy, benevolence and creativity. She helped me grow beyond what I would have expected from her and I would recommend her to anyone who inquest for the best.”

Clément Oberto

Film Director – West Hollywood, California

“Emilie worked in the Digital Department for a couple months at a very busy and fast-paced time for the team. She had the ability to pick-up very quickly projects and campaigns. Her high dynamism and will to innovate & improve processes added real value to the team. Emilie is a team player and a friendly person to work with. I recommend Emilie for any Social Media position and I’m positive about her future achievements.”

Christelle Gossart, Social Marketing Senior Manager chez Nissan Motor Corporation – Paris, France

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