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Entrepreneurs challenges: Productivity
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Entrepreneurs Challenge

The time is supposed to be the same for everyone, but for an entrepreneur, there is never enough time in a day. We often end up not realizing all the things that had to be done and we sometimes end the day with a feeling of incompletion, of time management failure. It’s not necessarily the best way to boost your self-esteem and motivation, it’s unproductive.

Take the challenge and come and learn simple techniques to manage your entrepreneurial time and apply them throughout the coaching. You will feel much more productive from the first days of practice.

Create your ideal morning routine and energize your days.

Entrepreneurs challenge

Set up an exercise ritual each morning for personal and professional development and operate your transformation. Implement this challenge for more than 60 days and you will already see major changes in your life.



Work cycle

and life cycle

Entrepreneurs challenge

Your body is a very intelligent machine capable of much more than you might think. But there you have to know how to listen to it and understand what it has to say to you. The latest studies on the natural biological rhythm of humans, prove it! If you solicit your body at the most suitable time for the chosen task, it will be done faster, easier and more successfully. 

Come discover your circadian cycle and learn foolproof methods to optimize your productivity and complete more work without much effort.

Productivity : My coaching services

Program details

Learn different techniques for optimizing time and personal organization.

Application of productivity techniques and monitoring of results 

30 minute weekly call

Daily tasks to perform

Program details

Create your custom morning routine to energize your energy for the day.

Implement your tailor-made morning formula, support, implementation and result monitoring 

30 minute weekly call

Daily tasks to perform

Program details

Test your circadian cycle, and optimize your days according to your natural biological rhythm.

Implementation, optimization and result monitoring

30 minute weekly call

Daily tasks to perform

Sport Coach

Let’s analyze your physical needs together and set up a personalized routine. 

Do you want to lose belly? Sculpt your body? Gain muscle? Boost your buttocks? I’m here to analyze your situation and your needs and adapt a sports routine to set up. 

We define together a specialized and personalized program with series of movements to repeat at home following my videos.

Let’s define the shapes of your body to reach and implement your program.


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