Here is my story

We all have a story that led us to what we do today. There are no chances, only signs to follow.
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I am Emilie Bramly

Expert in digital marketing and social networks.

I have been a social media and digital expert for 10 years, and worked  for well-known brands like Orange, Nissan, L’Oréal, Nestlé, Virgin Megastore, and some of the biggest advertising agencies like Publicis, Full Six & Co, Digitas, Zmirov, etc. I have spent my twenties working, learning, gushing at Paris’ frenetic business scene.

I created a name for myself.

I started working as an influential blogger in digital marketing and especially on social media. Ten years ago, I was one of the first experts in France. Brands invited me to social events and product launches. It gave me a real opportunity to have direct access to decision makers.

years of digital marketing and social media expertise

satisfied customers

entrepreneurs met

years of entrepreneurship

“I had become the working woman of my ambitions, I had achieved my goals!”

But after years of frenetic work, burn-out hit me unexpectedly. It was too much.

My body started to talk to me: repetitive angina, blocked back, morning stress, nausea. My basic personal development needs were no longer met.

My body made it clear to me that something had to change!

I no longer had time to eat a balanced diet and cook. I no longer had time to call family, friends, sleep 8 hours, exercise. My ambitions, my motivation, and my energy had gone to sleep.  

My joie de vivre was gone.

“I realized that I had everything to be happy, but that I was not.”

Overcoming this burnout took me 2-3 years and I will remember these lessons for life. To move forward, I undertook a lot of personal development work, and started developing my business, I started from my own needs to operate a deep transformation.

The idea was not to mask my wounds, but to heal them for good.

I took part in the DNA test game to discover my origins and I went to the source, in my countries of origin, in search of authenticity. I wanted to find a new art of living, more in line with my new mentality and conducive to my personal development.

I started in the life of a “DIGITAL NOMAD” by traveling in more than 32 countries, while continuing my entrepreneurial activities remotely. I needed nature and to be out of the office life!

I have met hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world, I have learned from the greatest, from those who have succeeded. I read over 10 personal development books a month and tested techniques from everywhere. 

I started coaching my friends, then the entrepreneurs around me. And very quickly, in a few sessions, you could already see the results.

It was amazing, these personal development exercises had a real impact! It didn’t just work with me!

So I continued my research, my workshops, my conferences around the world and I started to build challenges, effective Entrepreneurial Empowerment routines.

contacts in my international network

countries visited

languages spoken

“Home is where the wifi is “

I have read, integrated, implemented all the techniques of my program. 

Then, I joined the best techniques together, to create my coaching program that combines personal and business balance.

“Become the best version of yourself and grow your business”

Today, I live in full emotional, physical, psychological and financial health, the life that I HAVE CHOSEN!

My joie de vivre is back. This life is once again filled with business opportunities, my passion for dance, and loving friends & family. My personal balance is respected, I am using 100% of my capacity, and like a ballerina, I maintain the balance.

I became the best version of myself.

Today, I want to share this coaching program to transmit it to all entrepreneurs and project leaders who want to make a real transformation.

“I finally make money with what I love to do and that changes everything!”

We all have the ability to make money with our talents and live the life we want. It’s all about thinking, strategy, and taking action.

Let me guide you on this journey and become the best version of yourself too.

“The world needs the best version of yourself.”


“Let me share with you my know-how and stimulate everyone’s expression in its best version.”

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